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Mazakon Makes

Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Moneta

My first sewalong was a joy. A joy. It was the Colette Pattern Moneta Sewalong. I like structure and a motivator and I don't have the time to go to sewing classes any more. So when I heard about the sewalong I thought it would suit me down to the ground and I was right. Also it was about knits - something that I was way to scared to tackle. The last series of the Great British Sewing Bee put me off them rather than encouraged me by making them seem very tricky. However, I followed the advice on the sewalong and took the plunge with a stable cotton knit that I got online for £5 a metre. I went for turquoise as I love bright colours.

So here is my Moneta
I thought the back collar had turned out a bit funny but it looks ok here.

I love it. I thought I prehaps should have made the bodice longer as I have a ridiculously long torso but it worked out ok as the skirt starts on the funny hump on my tummy that my third pregnancy left. So it is actually very flattering for my funny figure (more about that later).

I made many many mistakes - including using some bizarre stitch for the bodice and the first armhole was a bit of a car crash. However, I am delighted with the end result and as soon as I finished it I ran to Mandors and bought some really gorgeous Liberty knit material. I have already cut it out and am hoping to make it up over a couple of nights as we are going camping this week and I think Moneta is a great camping glamour dress. 

My next sewalong plans are the Anise as I love the jacket and I love jackets. I will probably do it in autumn and will try to find a sale wool to make it in.

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