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Mazakon Makes

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Two new dress patterns ordered

I have been making an effort to sew wearable stuff over the summer - and my two Monetas and my summer tops have got a lot of wear. However the time for sensibleness has passed and I have ordered two dress patterns today that I am very excited about.

In the Mandors sale I bought three yards of a gorgeous Liberty wool:

Isn't it lush? It was my only impulse purchase as everything else I bought that day I had a pattern in mind for. Autumn is my favourite clothes season, chunky tights and skirts and warmness and I thought that this would make a lovely dress that could be dressed up or down. 
So I began a hunt for a dress pattern. I have been reading lots of other dressmaking blogs and they have made me want to make woven dresses that actually fit me! My most successful dress (that I will blog about next week) is lovely and I wear it but there is something weird happening across the top of the chest. So the plan for this lovely wool is to find a gorgeous pattern, make a toile and make sure it fits properly before I make it.

After much fretting I finally decided I would make the Anna dress from By Hand London. My favourite blog is Roisin at Dolly Clacket and she has made multiple amazing Anna dresses. I love the pleats in the bodice for the boobs. I am a bit worried about if it will suit my roundy tummy figure but hopefully the toile will let me figure that out. I want to make the shorter one and I figured I would get a cheapy lightweight cotton to make my toile in and hopefully it would be wearable.
So I ordered the pattern this morning. And then when I was wandering around the sewing interweb I found this picture:

How gorgeous is this? It is New Look  6909 and it is out of print. I tracked it down from an Etsy seller and ordered it as well. A rummage around Pinterest showed up lots of cute versions of this dress and I am very, very excited. I think it will be gorgeous in the brocade material that I am going to make my sisters dress out of, remember it?

 So I am now thinking I will make a summer Anna and save my lovely wool for this Jackie O type pattern. Very excited.

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