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Mazakon Makes

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My sorbetto

When I saw the free sorbetto pattern from Colette I was very, very happy. I struggle with tops. I can buy dresses, skirts and trousers galore but I find tops tricky. But now I can make clothes so I can make tops. The sorbetto is a fantastic staple. It is simple and the material can do its thing. Also - it is a great way of using up the materialI have scavenged from the remnant bin at Mandors.

I had a really pretty Liberty (again) fabric that I had picked up a few months ago and I wanted to make it into a top. I had cut it out a few weeks ago but the effort of making the bias binding was putting me off fitting it. However, riding high on the 'That's a Nice Pear Moneta' I followed the bias binding tutorial on the Colette site and it worked! Well I didn't cut it right and had to sew some bits together again but I was in slap dash mode. Despite that it all turned out ok! I think it is a tiny bit short (I have a very long torso) and I will definitely make it again a wee bit longer. I can see myself making several more sorbettos. So cute.
Apologies for the sideways shot on the floor, I can't figure out in Blogger how to turn it around.
So yet again I love it. I really need to do a retrospective of all the things I don't love because I had two years of that before I managed in the last four weeks to produce things that I am sticking in them washing machine the day after I wear them so I can wear them again.

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  1. Ooooo, I've seen this pattern talked about and was tempted to try. I think it looks great. Well done! I love your other one too, even if you're less keen. I made a couple of vintage simplicity tops and they look great if I don't move, but get an awkward bunch if I do. Ricky things, tops...