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Mazakon Makes

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another (less successful) summer top

Last year my friend Jane made two seriously cute tops out of  New Look 6871. I bought the pattern immediately but never got the time to make a top last year. So it was firmly on my to do list this year. Then I discovered the sorbetto and gave it a whirl first because I had a lovely remnant from the bargain bin that would suit it. However, I have been really looking forward to making my swingy summer top so cracked on with it with some lovely floral Liberty fabric that I had bought especially for the purpose.

Fit. My comedy tummy means that I always end up cutting out ginormous pattern sizes as I slavishly stick to the idea that it is sensible to cut out to your biggest measurement as then you can take it in. However, I have relatively narrow hips and a modest chest and my comedy tummy so everything ends of being way to big. The first skirt I made I had to take it four inches. FOUR INCHES. With the Moneta I actually cut a smaller bodice and graded it out at the waist and it worked lovely. However, with this one I was back with woven and cut out the size 16. It was ginormous. I have taken the sides in two cms but I think the yoke is still pretty big and I am not so sure about it.

To be honest, I think I love my Sorbetto so much that this loose top is just not doing it for me. There are many plus point about it. I like that the facing means that there is very little finishing of seams to be done. Like the Sorbetto the armholes are finished with bias binding so they are nice and neat.  This one may need to just grow on me.

So I have had a productive week but sadly I need to get back to real life after I get back from our latest 5 day break. I have some other projects for other people lined up. Of the top of my head I need to do:

  • A dress for middle daugher out material she picked out back in May
  • A skirt for niece out of material she picked out in Feburary
  • A skirt for my sister out of amazing material that I found. 
The skirt need a whole blog posting of its own. It is a pattern that I have made twice and I love each one. So that will be something to witter on here about while I am doing boring sorting out of the utility room in my spare time.


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